Metro Tracking

As a Private Security Company Metro Public Safety realizes that the ability to remotely manage and supervise our officers is essential in providing properties with high quality service. Based on that belief, we invest in real-time officer tour tracking systems to help ensure that our officers are performing comprehensive patrols of our customers’ facilities. In addition to our supervisors and managers being able to monitor the officers’ activity in real-time, we also provide this same ability to our customers. So just like our supervisors who monitor our officers throughout the day using the tour tracking system, our customers can as well.

Officer tour tracking systems have become an essential tool for security guard vendors and their customers. These systems help protect you from the costly losses that can result from vandalism, theft, and avoidable accidents by ensuring that our officers are doing comprehensive patrols of your property. The system that we use,, provides Metro Public Safety and our customers with the ability to also generate reports that show exactly when, where, and what your officers inspected while on patrol.

How it works

Our officer tour tracking system is unlike many of the analog tour tracking systems that our competitors currently use. That’s because our tour tracking system is built around four (4) distinct technologies:

  1. A Mobile Tour Tracking App
  2. QR Code Technology
  3. Global Positioning System
  4. GEO Fencing

Mobile Tour Tracking App

When our officers are doing their patrols, they use the Mobile Tour Tracking App to scan QR codes that we place throughout your facility. These QR codes are placed in the key areas, both inside and outside, that the officer should be monitoring.

QR Code Technology

QR codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that were first used in the automotive industry. We use this same technology to mark and identify specific areas of your Property that should be checked by our officers (i.e. Main office, Laundry rooms, Club house, rear stairwell, etc). When the officer checks these areas, he uses the Mobile Tour Tracking App to scan the QR code that was placed in that location. When the officer scans the QR code, that scan is instantaneously uploaded to our account where we can see it in real time. At the time of the scan, the Tour Tracking App also determines the officer’s position on your property using the Global Positioning System.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS is a space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions anywhere on the planet. By using GPS not only are we able to see a list of the locations that the officers patrolled and checked, but we can also visually verify that they are in the correct location as seen in this image to the left…again in real-time.

GEO Fencing

Using GPS technology, we build an invisible perimeter around your property. We then assign site specific QR codes within the GEO fence. This invisible fence shown in the image to the right, helps ensure that our officers are physically on your property when patrolling.