Metro Public Safety & Investigations (MPSI), has been providing safety, security, and protection since 2010. Metro Public Safety & Investigations has experienced consistent, rapid, and quality growth of our Company; which provides the highest quality of full range security services, all geared to the instructions and best interests of our clients. Metro Public Safety & Investigations has succeeded under the leadership of its current Chief of Operations & CEO, Jason McGinness, also a current Law Enforcement Officer of 17 years. Jason is a certified Taser instructor and has held the rolls of FTO, Corporal & Sergeant. Jason has numerous certifications in Law Enforcement, Supervision and Management Courses, as well.

Since the inception of our Company, MPSI has adopted the core values & principles of honesty, ethics, integrity, faith, and affordable quality service. Our goal is to provide a high standard of professionalism and customer service, as we build long-lasting relationships with our clients. To keep at the forefront of today’s ever-changing security requirements, Metro Public Safety & Investigations mandates continuous training, and provides access to classes to ensure our officers maintain the highest level of service and assure the safety of our client’s needs.

MPSI has built a reputation for professionalism and quality of service in several key areas that include; physical security, Patrol Services, training, and customer service. Our leadership consists of personnel with many years of experience in police & security field operations, and in-service training. Every Metro Public Safety officer receives extensive in-service training from this highly qualified team, as well as, from approved training institutions. Metro Public Safety & Investigations is aware of society’s everchanging high-tech environment and uses the latest cutting-edge technology to enhance our protection and security services.